Ella4Life in short

The objective of the Programme Ella4Life is to help older people- healthy or with a chronic disease or mental condition – stay healthier and live a more pleasant life, independent and safe. At home on a tablet and ‘on the road’ on a smartphone or – watch. Ella will support and encourage people to adapt a healthy lifestyle. Users will be more self-supporting and independent of professional healthcare, what will result in cost reduction and efficiency. Ella will improve the quality of life of her users, the productivity of healthcare professionals and relieve informal caregivers by knowing in an early stage when their loved ones aren’t doing so well.

What is Ella4Life
Ella4Life is a virtual assistant and fun to use. It’s an integration of a mobile system, and a speech controlled system used in people’s homes. She supports people in different stages of vitality in life: vital people in need of guidance and support in embracing a healthy lifestyle; chronically ill people in need of guidance and support in embracing a healthy lifestyle; chronically ill people in handling their chronic deseases; and people with cognitive and/or physical problems by making it easy for them to handle a digital support system. In doing so, Ella4Life offers people one solution for care and cure.

How can Ella4Life help?
She helps to maintain with a healthy lifestyle and shares information with the professionals or informal caregivers when necessary. Professionals and informal caregivers are connected and in case of emergency Ella4Life will inform them. She will recognise and signal declining physical or cognitive capabilities. She will control home automation by voice recognition, help with daily structure and stimulate people mentally and physically as a ‘lifestyle-coach’.

She stimulates her users to lead an active and healthy life. Besides stimulating selfmanagement, she also connects the user to their informal caregivers and the professionals. This connection makes it possible to monitor the disease and act and instruct when needed and not when planned.

Ella4Life is the integration of Emma of Medicine man, Anne of Virtask and specially developed sensor technology from the University of Gdansk.